Saturday, October 22, 2011

Girl Scout Camp Out!

Savannah and Sydney on the hike.
All four of us drove up near Lake Arrowhead for the girl scout camping trip.  We camped at Dogwood Campground and it was a beautiful place.  There were 19 girls and 10 adults at our three campsites.  The campground was full of girl scouts, though!  I think the girl scout leaders in charge of the event said their were 400 people?  Crazy.  We set up our tents in the dark by flashlight, went on a short hike, participated in a creative scavenger hunt, made SMORES with girl scout cookies, sang songs and actually got some sleep.
We even managed to win the scavenger hunt!
Setting up tents in the dark
Full moon...
Camp Troop 1114
Making pancakes...
Getting ready for the hike...
Leaves are changing...
Rob and I on the hike...
Campfire Time!
SMORES with Thanks a Lots!
First place in the Scavenger Hunt!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Blue Angels

Rob loves the Blue Angels. REALLY loves the Blue Angels. He hasn't seen them the whole time that we have been together (20 years).  We have been wanting to go to an airshow with the girls for awhile, but the weekends never worked out.  So this year it did.  We were actually able to plan a trip to Miramar for the big airshow.  Our nephews Joey and Aiden met us there.
Rob and the girls with a TOP GUN plane
Rob, the girls, Joey and Aiden with an F5 Tiger.  
Aiden and his Blue Angel plane

Blue Angels

The boys looking for the planes...too bad I didn't get the picture of them when the Blue Angel flew right over us....low....and they all ducked down like it was flying at them!


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