Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Smithsonian Museums

So the girls were not too happy to visit all of the Smithsonians.  The only exception to this was when they were glad to escape the rain.  Here are some pictures from our visits...

Air and Space Museum - The girls posed by a plane that is a replica of a one that Amelia Earhart flew.  
The girls posing near the animals of Madagascar.
A dress from one of my favorite exhibitions - The dresses of the First Ladies
One of the only exhibits they looked for and liked...Hey Dum Dum, Give Me Gum Gum- Syd called it the Night at the Museum 
Rob and Savannah waiting for me to explore the National Gallery of Art
The Thinker...
One of my favorites...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Capitol Building

                        While in DC, I took a lot of pictures of the Capitol building.
One of my favorites
The girls on the mall
Continuing the tradition..I met my congressman in 5th grade and took a picture with him.  This is our Congressman, Ken Calvert.
Cali, the Congressman's office dog.
  We got to take a tour with a congressional intern.  This is a model of the statue at the top of the capitol building.
The beautiful painting at the top of the rotunda.
More of the rotunda...
Happy girls in the rain...

More of the spectacular views...


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