Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Bear Trip

Mike and Katey enjoying the water!
Savannah and Sydney unsure of the lake water.

View from sky chair

All of us at the summit!

Over the weekend we took a short trip to Big Bear with our friends the Bailey's! We went up on Friday morning, walked around the shops at Lake Arrowhead, and then headed for Big Bear. Rob, the girls and I have only gone to Big Bear once, and it was when there was snow, so we were looking forward to exploring. Our lodge had cabins and motel rooms, and the motel rooms were on the lake! We had a small private beach complete with a small dock for fishing. The girls had never swam in a lake before. They have been in creeks, and rivers, and the ocean, but never a lake. I grew up swimming in Lake Isabella and so when the girls went crazy over feeling the slime and algae growing in the lake, I was surprised. It wasn't that was dirty, the bottom just had a different feeling than an ocean :). Katey Bailey had a great time playing in the water and digging in the sand. We also walked around the shops at the Village. On Saturday, before we left we decided to see if anything was going on at Snow Summit. They one of their ski lifts working and were taking people up to the top. We decided to ride the Sky Chair (ski lift) up to the top and look around and conquer some fears of heights. It was beautiful and worth the heights! At the top, we could see the whole lake and all around the area! We had a great time and can't wait for our next adventure with the Bailey's!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My birthday!

I celebrated another birthday this year. They just keep coming every year! Friends came over to scrapbook and to eat, drink and be merry! Scrapbook mess
My girls and I.
Alicia and Mateo and Cathy and Colin! My good friends Cathy, Mona and Alicia!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July weekend!

So guess what? I have no pictures of my 4th of July weekend! Well, I will have some to post later, but not with this post! No, my camera did not get stolen again. I left it in Ridgecrest and have been without it! So I used my film camera and took some shots but have to wait to get them and load them on the computer!

We have spent some great times with friends this weekend! Rob and I went to an Angels game on Friday night while the girls spent some time with their favorite friends in Riverside. Then on Saturday we went to Murrieta to spend the day with my great friend Cathy and her family. We enjoyed their pool and then went to Pechanga to watch the fireworks. They were incredible! Super Duper finale! Today we went to Welk Resort to spend the day with our old friends the Macias'. They used to live near us in Riverside, but moved to Germany to teach on a military base. We have only seen them twice in the last couple of years, but we have enjoyed the times that we have been able to see them. Happy 4th to all!


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