Monday, April 27, 2009

Buzzzzzz Off!

About a month ago, I saw some bees flying around by our roof. We looked and watched them and didn't think that they could get into our attic. WRONG! They were squeezing through the wire covering and building hives in our attic. There were more and more bees every day. Rob sprayed some wasp and hornet killer into the holes they were flying into and it just got them "buzzing" mad! We finally decided it was time to get help and called the professionals. They first sprayed and killed the bees and told us the bees would come back for the honey in the hives. We had to have a portion of the roof removed so that they could get to the hives and take them out. There were 7-12 honeycomb sections and you can see some of them in the pictures. Luckily the bees were contained to the small closed in area of the attic.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bryce Canyon

The girls at Bryce Canyon- Inspiration Point
The Silent City...
Views from our hike down in the Hoodoos...

40 degrees in Bryce Canyon...

We also visited Bryce Canyon during our Spring Break trip. IT was very cold and windy during our time there. You can still see the snow all around in the canyon. We did a hike down into the canyon where it was warmer. The hoodoos were beautiful!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Zion = Part 3

Here are more pics from Zion Natioanl Park! The pic with the girls and I is at the "Gateway to the Narrows". The Narrows is a hike done through the river and where the walls of the canyons almost touch. The girls are not quite big enough to go on that hike yet! The other pics are just beautiful views from the park!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break Part 2 More of Zion

We stayed in a cabin outside of Zion! It was a small piece of paradise with a terrific view and a herd of buffalo right outside our door. We also had some friendly deer early one morning.

Rob, the buffalo and I
Our little piece of paradise!

We hiked about 8 miles in two days, while on our trip! The girls were troopers though, and were rewarded with the incredible natural beauty they saw during these hikes!

Just a little bit further.

A waterfall falling into Upper Emerald Pools. I am below in purple!

Our first hike to the Emerald Pools and Waterfalls!

Savannah and Sydney at the bottom of a canyon. You can see a hole in the rock above the girls and that is a "lookout" along a 1.1 mile tunnel drilled through the sandstone in 1930!

Another stop during a hike!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break part 1 - Vegas and Zion National Park

Behind a Beautiful Waterfall!

The Vegas Strip

The picture of the natural arch is amazing when you consider that we did
not know that when we set out on a hike that we would end up on top of that cliff! If you look at the top of the arch where the dark spots are by the sky, that is where we ended up and it is the overlook down into the canyon. The picture of Rob and the girls on the red rock was taken at the top of that cliff.

We had a wonderful relaxing trip during Spring Break this year! We took a road trip to Utah to continue our National Park tour! We started with a night in Vegas and then continued on the road to Zion. The park was beautiful! It was amazing to think that one river carved all of the natural wonders inside the park!


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