Sunday, January 1, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Payette River - frozen and beautiful
Christmas was different for us this year!  We drove to McCall, Idaho to have a white Christmas.  Rob's sister and family had a timeshare there and invited us to join them for Christmas!  I have soooo many pictures to share, but I thought that I would start with the pictures that showed the winter wonderland!  

View out the living room sliding glass door...sledding and snow
The condo
It snowed only one day...unusual for them.
LOVE my camera!
Me in the snow...
Payette Lake - We hear there is great fishing here in summer
Rob and I 

Getting ready for night sledding...
my girls
action shot...
Does Rob look cold...he should... -2 degrees at about 8:30 am
Gold Fork Hot the snow and ice...
Christmas Eve ice skating...check syd's outfit, tank top and giant gloves.  She said she was hot, but her hands were cold when she fell!

The whole group...Christmas Day
Sledding Cousins...Christmas Day!


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