Monday, August 22, 2011

The End of Summer

So it is my last couple days of summer. Kind of.  I have already been to my classroom to get some work done.  I decided to post a few pics from our last weeks of summer...
The girls had one last sleepover... which included a night swim...

...and a really cool owl sighting!

Rob and I had our had our 16th Anniversary which we will celebrate in September!
I sang my heart out to "Jessie's Girl"...
...and traveled back to Sea World for another visit, this time we saw the sharks...
...made friends with the Sea Lions...
...and saw incredible turtles at Turtle Reef!
We celebrated the impending arrival of a new cousin...(and niece)

Syd and Rob went back to school!
And finally, our last hurrah was a trip to Huntington Beach with great friends.

                                                     All in all it has been a great summer!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yosemite Part 3 - Glacier Point

So on our last day, we ventured up to Glacier Point.  The views were incredible.
Although this is not Glacier Point, I really liked the picture.  It is a view I saw as we were leaving the valley.
Okay one more from the valley.  I like this picture of our family with Half Dome and Bridalveil Falls in the background.
Near Glacier Point:  Half dome, Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls
The girls and Half Dome
Rob and I and the view...
Looking down on the Yosemite Valley: Lower and Upper Yosemite Falls
The Yosemite Valley: the falls, the Merced River...
Rob and Savannah with Half Dome
The girls

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yosemite Part 2 - Waterfalls

Oh the Waterfalls!  Waterfalls that were misting, flowing, and crashing!  We heard that the waterfalls would be incredible because of the increased snow fall, and they were!
Savannah at Bridalveil Falls
The base of Bridalveil Falls.  It was very hard to get pictures here because the mist  was very heavy!  It was hard to keep the camera from getting wet!
Rob and the girls at Bridalveil Falls.
The girls in front of  Upper Yosemite Falls.
Upper Yosemite Falls
Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls
Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls
Close up of Upper Falls

The base of Lower Yosemite Falls
We climbed on rocks to get a little closer to the falls.  There were a lot of crazy people climbing on slippery rocks beyond us!
Vernal Falls Footbridge
At the time we were there, three people had been missing for a week after climbing through barriers to get better pictures of the waterfalls.
The top of Vernal Falls, this is where the three people were when they went over the falls.  


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