Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time for Soccer!

It is soccer season again! It's time for orange slices, capri-suns, stinky, yucky shin guards, and being busy every Saturday for the next 3 months. But I love it!
Sydney is playing U-10 soccer and is on the Blue Crush. Can you guess her color is blue? She played her second game today. She is all over the field and aggressive to get the ball. (Although, they didn't have to stop the game to tell her to chill out this week.) She wants to play goalie, but we know she is better at forward. She is tiny out on the field compared to a lot of the other girls, but she can hold her own.
Savannah plays U12 this year. She tried out for a special branch of AYSO called FLEX or EXTRA and made the special team! Gone are the days of going to the same fields for both girls games. Now we get to travel with Savannah's team! We won't go too far, in fact our old region in Jurupa is part of this league and we will go to play them. We will also play Corona, other Riverside teams, Hemet, and French Valley. Her colors are maroon and white and they call themselves the Menifee Dynamite! They have not officially started yet. She played three scrimmages last weekend and is getting used to playing at a higher skill level. She likes to play defender and is learning about playing man on man, where she has been assigned a player and has to stick to her like glue. She has always played more of an area defense.
It should be a great year! This is the first year that neither Rob nor I are coaching. But since Savannah's team will travel around, it also means we will be split up, always missing one of the girls' games! Bittersweet! Pictures to come later!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Minute To Win It!

My friend Elise and I celebrated our birthdays together at another friends house. Our friend Joanna hosted a night of fun games from the show "Minute to Win It". We all had a lot of fun and the kids even got into it! Beware: there are a lot of pictures!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Recently I posted on facebook that I took about 200 pictures of a sunset. It is true. The sunset was beautiful while we were in Key Largo. I am pretty much convinced that every sunset is magnificent though! I tend to take a lot of pictures of sunsets no matter where we are visiting. I like playing with the lighting and settings on the camera in order to find just the right setting and sometimes I find that 200 pictures later, I finally got it right! Rob and the girls and indulge my craziness for awhile, but will soon go off on their own adventures. Today I present a few (maybe more) sunsets from our recent adventures!

Key Largo and Key West, FL

Carpinteria, CA


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