Sunday, March 29, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughters...

I really missed soccer season last fall. Okay, I didn't miss going to all of the practices for both girls, but I did miss the Saturaday games.

Goal Kick!

We found a league where practices are at the parks in our housing development and the games at the middle school a couple miles away! Savannah and Sydney each have a little of me when they are on the field. Syd just has one thing on her mind...scoring. That is where she has a little bit of me! She wants the ball and she takes it to the goal even if it means taking if from her team! I don't remember doing that, but I did like playing forward and trying to score!
Savannah likes to play goalie, I do not know where that comes from, because that is definitely not like me! The goalie, though, is the bossy one out on the field, and that is where she is like me (yes, that is me and the bossiness hasn't left me). Savannah needs to be that way I guess, she needs to tell the defenders where to be so that they are in the best place to help her. When I heard her yell to the others to get in position, I heard a little bit of me on the field. I guess the girls also have a bit of their dad in them. They get their sportsmanship from him, and that is not really a good thing when you are 6 and won't shake the hands of your opponent because they just played and they ARE NOT friends! Thanks Rob!
IT is GREAT watching them play again! Go Blue Thunder and Dust Devils!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Field Trip to Knott's Berry Farm

Savannah and I on our adventure! Can you see the gold? Savannah and her best friend Chris!Panning for gold! Eureka!
Savannah's 4th grade class went to Knott's Berry Farm for a field trip. I was asked to go as a chaperone. We had only a couple of hours there and our time was spent learning about California History, which I love to learn about (that happens when you are a fourth grade teacher)! We panned for gold, learned about some of the first California pioneers and some Native American and mission history. I loved it and the kids all had fun! The only ride we got to go on was the log ride, but the kids enjoyed their time! Eureka!


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