Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm seeing spots...

...and dots...polka dots...brown dots...

So I worked on Savannah's room this weekend. I was trying to decide how to do the polka-dots she wanted. I even had a co-worker coming up to me with ideas of dipping a buffer in the paint and them stamping them on the wall. When it came right down to it, I decided to try and use a stencil to make the circle and then just fill them in with a brush...and that is what I did. Yep, all of these polka-dots are hand painted with love! Rob is not to sure of her color choice. He says it gives him nightmares about working at Baskin Robbins again! There was something therapeutic about painting these dots versus the stripes from last weekend. By body doesn't quite agree, though, I am a little sore! I am not done yet, I have one more wall and then we are adding the chair rail. Savannah doesn't think she wants the dots below the chair rail. I am undecided. I actually really like the way it is turning out and I am glass that the girls are finally getting their rooms finished.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

86 Stripes Later...

So what do you do when it is time to paint your daughters' rooms? You ask them how they want to have the rooms painted. You hear that one wants stripes and one wants polk-a-dots and you think...oh this is going to be fun?! So.....after 14 hours (over three days) and 86 stripes, Syd's room is almost done. We have touch-up and the chair rail left to do.

Boy, I just can't wait to start Savannah's room and paint all of the DOTS!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

You Belong in the ZOO...

Making "smooshed" pennies!
Beautiful Pandas

On the Skyfari ride!

We went to the zoo this weekend! It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the animals were in a particularly good mood! We have been to the zoo when the animals were mating...(yah even the giant Galapagos turtles were mating on that day), or they were sleeping. On Saturday, the zoo was packed and the animals were prancing! The elephants were thundering after large pieces of logs, the giraffes ran from one end of their area to the other, and the gorillas were extra crazy! The chimps were in strange positions cleaning parts of each other that you really don't want to see them clean! We had a great time and the girls found a lot of places to make their favorite new thing...smashed pennies. I love them because they are cheap souvenirs and that is usually all the girls want when we go places!

Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 - Wow!

So I did not make a resolution, because frankly, I don't keep them. But I do want to accomplish a lot this year! I would like to catch up on my scrapbooks, finish unfinished blankets that I am crocheting, keep in touch with those I have lost touch with and try not to let myself get stressed out over things I cannot control... HHHMMMM, which should I do first? Well, I had a friend email me to look at her Facebook page, so I did and then 3 hours later, I had not crocheted, blogged or scrapbooked...but I had contacted some old friends. So due to the fact that I have been playing on Facebook, this blog is a little lacking. Here is a pic of our friends the Young's and Rob, the girls and I on New Year's Eve. Syd was so amazed that she was up "in the middle of the night". We decided to have a fire in our fire pit and roast marshmallows! I'm not sure the neighbors appreciated it, but the kids loved it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Four Christmases Berghorn Style

So the movie "Four Christmases" is my life every year! Here are some pics from some of our celebrations! I cherish all of the chances that I get to celebrate with friends and family!

These are some of my cousins. My brother is
the most hair challenged of the boys!In another pic,
Sydney is holding Kaitlyn Grace, the newest addition to our "family" at our annual "white elephant gift exchange".
My dad is giving bunny ears to Rob and I at our Christmas at Dad and Kelly's house. Then
Savannah and Sydney play with their cousin Aiden at Aunt Patty's Christmas!

The girls and I visit Santa with our friends Cathy, Kevin, and Colin!


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